Meet Your Professional Team...

Andy Ligons
Andy is the Manager of Main Street Gym, and a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. 

 He moved to St. Charles last year, with his fiancé Melissa Alexander. Andy has been a fitness enthusiast for 10+ years now, competing in different endurance, obstacle, and strength events. “I am so fortunate to be working in an industry I have so much passion for. To help people improve their health is truly a privilege.” 

 Andy’s priority at Main Street Gym is to take care of the members and make the experience at the gym the best possible for members and guests.

Adam Finke
Adam Finke graduated from Lindenwood University in May of 2015 with his Bachelor’s in Exercise Science. He is a W.I.T.S certified personal trainer and an ACSM/NCHPAD certified inclusive fitness trainer.  

 Adam’s knowledge gained through college and additional certification is key to his successful implementation of exercise programs for clients of all ages and abilities. Adam has experience working with individuals with brain injuries, neuromuscular and musculoskeletal conditions, cognitive disabilities, and medical disorders.

In addition to individual training, Adam teaches multiple group classes at Main Street Gym. Group training provides a fun but challenging workout experience. Each class has a specific focus and challenges the body in many different ways. The most demanding of all classes is Adam’s Boot Camp that is offered Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday evenings.

Everyone has different fitness goals. Many clients have a desire to lose or gain weight. Other clients are interested in offsetting the effects of age, come back from an injury, or work through a new medical diagnosis. Adam will create a personalized workout program to improve your life and help you accomplish your fitness goals.

Contact Adam via email - amf.fitness1@gmail.com
Alison Allen
Alison is a W.I.T.S. Certified Personal Trainer and has worked in a gym setting for over 2 years. She has been involved in some form of physical fitness or athletics most of her life, but it wasn't until after she had her daughter that she realized how important it was to be active and lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Alison quickly fell in love with running and participated in three half marathons within one year. This then lead to the love of strength training and the rest is history!

Alison is a committed fitness professional dedicated to providing high quality training to individuals of ALL fitness levels. She is confident in designing a simple and efficient program for you that will have lasting results. Her goal is to motivate and encourage others to lead a more positive and healthy lifestyle through physical fitness.

Email Alison at alison@mainstreetgym.com
Leighton Duerksen 
Leighton is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and is about to complete his Bachelor of Exercise Science Degree at Lindenwood University. He has been working with the Lindenwood Athletic Program as a Strength and Conditioning Coach and has been training groups and individual clients.

Leighton specializes in weight loss programs, muscle building routines, and sports specific training. With his well-rounded knowledge, Leighton can customize programs for any individual. He is also experienced in nutrition and can put together macro-nutrient breakdowns to fit each person.

You can contact him at 636-946-4100, or come to 334 N Main Street, St. Charles, to set up an appointment with Leighton and discuss how to become a better you!

Nate Jones
Nate Jones is one of our new additions! Nate has 8 years of fitness experience and his certifications include NASM CPT, MMA Conditioning, and ENW Fitness & Nutrition Specialist. 

His well-rounded knowledge, personal experience, and devotion to his clients makes him a great Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Professional. 

If you have any questions for Nate, you can contact him at his email Nate13jones@gmail.com

Shaun Stiarwalt
Shaun is one of our more experienced Trainers with 18 years in the industry. 

 He has a RTS Certification for Strength and Conditioning, and ACSM Certification in Plyo/Isometrics. While working with and around many influential people in this business, Shaun has acquired skill sets in Nutrition, Bodybuilding, Physique Competitions, Athletic Performance. 

 He has been a great addition to our team, as a man with many hats! Shaun can be contacted at sstiarwalt@gmail.com.

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