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Last January, I finally found the motivation that I needed to really start making changes. 

 I was getting married in June and that wedding dress that I had purchased wasn’t fitting right. I desperately needed to lose weight. Wendy Black, my wonderful personal trainer at Main Street Gym, designed a customized workout program for me that was both challenging and fun at the same time.

The instruction sheets that Wendy created to remind me what my workouts were supposed to involve were filled with encouraging comments and reminders of why I was doing this. I was working out 8 to 10 times per week, and my workouts included swimming, other cardio, and weight training.

I wasn’t able to workout regularly with Wendy, but she made sure to keep tabs on me anyways. At least monthly she would have me weigh in and take measurements. Seeing the changes occur helped to keep me on track.

I also joined Weight Watchers while I was working to lose weight. The combination of working out and watching what I ate did the trick for me. In approximately 4 months I was able to lose over 40 pounds. My dress fit perfect.

Main Street Gym was a lifesaver while I was working to fit into my wedding dress. I didn’t always feel like working out, but it was always a welcome place to go. The staff always greeted me by name and was very encouraging. They noticed as I was getting stronger and losing weight, and their compliments would help keep me motivated.

The wedding is over, and the motivation to keep working out can be tough - but I have fallen in love with Main Street Gym and I think that is what has kept me going in on a regular basis.

- Cathy V.
When you're only gaining a ¼ lb a month, it is really easy to fool yourself into thinking I’m not gaining THAT much weight and I’m not in THAT bad of shape.

From 20 years old to 37 years old, about ¼ lb a month slowly moved me from 200lbs to 265lbs. At 37, I had 3 things happen to shock me into realizing how badly I needed to be more proactive:

   1. My wife was pregnant with our first child,
   2. My cholesterol level was measured at 572, and
   3. At my grandmother’s 85th birthday she told me “my - you have gotten big” (translated as – boy, you got fat).

It didn’t take me long to realize I didn’t have the persistence to consistently exercise on my own so I joined a boot camp 3 times a week. Two years and 25lbs less later, I was fairly proud of myself but I had plateaued and wasn’t getting any better. That's when I folded personal training into my training regime.

Another 2 years later I am at the gym at 5am, 5 days a week (most weeks), I am back down to 200 lbs (nearly), my cholesterol is below 200 (still some genetics at work), and I have another child on the way. On the way up it was only ¼ lb per month and on the way back down it was only 1 lb per month. Not fast, but consistent.
The weight loss equation is EASY to figure out: Calories consumed must be LESS THAN calories expended.
Increasing your fitness is EASY - get off your @$$ and do SOMETHING/ ANYTHING! Persistence is HARD! Persistence is the key because sustainable improvement isn’t a quick trip.

The hardest step of the day is the one through the front door of the gym. I am glad that I found Main Street Gym for the support and results that I need!

- Todd S.
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